Best ways to message to say yes to your suitor

It’s the moment you’ve been looking forward to! After getting to know your suitor, you’ve concluded that you are prepared to move forward. You want to accept their advances but are unsure how to state them. We’ve got you covered, so don’t care. In this article, we’ll show some unconventional, heartfelt messages to encourage you to accept your suitor and start the exciting journey of love there.

Message to Say Yes to Your Suitor

1. The straightforward “yes.”

Less is sometimes more. A clear message may be the best action if you’re a simple person who prefers to keep things simple. Consider doing something like:

“Hey [suitor’s name], I’ve been thinking a lot about us lately, and I just wanted to let you know that I’m ready to say yes. I’m excited to see where this journey takes us!”

2. The Appreciative “Yes.”

A great way to say yes is to thank your suitor for taking the time and effort to get to know you. Think about a message like:

“Hi [suitor’s name],” I wanted to express my gratitude for your kindness and patience as we got to know one another. I’m happy to say I am prepared to move forward with you.”

3. The humorous “yes.”

A lighthearted message might be the ideal way to say “yes” if you both have a sense of humor. Try this one out:

“You know what they say: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I’m willing to take a shot with you now! Come, let’s get started!”

4. Yes, The Romantic

A profound message can win over your suitor’s heart if you enjoy a little romance. Consider doing something like:

“I can’t help but feel our hearts twirling around one another, waiting for the ideal opportunity to connect, dear [suitor’s name]. I believe the time has come, and I’m prepared to accept your proposal and the lovely love story that lies ahead.”

5. Yes, The Reflective

Spend some time considering the journey that brought you to this point, then tell your suitor what you think. Think about a message like:

“As I reflect on the time we’ve spent getting to know one another, I realize how much I have grown to value our relationship. I can’t wait to tell you I’m willing to move forward with you and explore what lies ahead.”

6. The reassuring “yes.”

Assure your suitor that you are prepared to stand by them through thick and thin if you feel they have hesitated to ask for your commitment. Consider sending a message like this:

“I am aware that life can be unpredictable, but one thing is certain: I want to be by your side, [Suitor’s name]. I’m prepared to accept and face whatever challenges lie ahead.”

7. Yes, The Adventurous

An ambitious message might be the ideal way to say yes for those who yearn for adventure and fresh experiences. Try this one out:

“Hey, suitor’s name. I’ve always been a big fan of new adventures, and I believe our love story is the best one yet. I’m prepared to accept and venture into the unknown territory of our future together.”

Keep in mind that being genuine and authentic is what matters most. Your suitor may appreciate your sincerity and honesty in expressing your feelings. Saying yes to your suitor is a beautiful and life-changing message, regardless of your chosen message.

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