Say Yes to Your Suitor with the Perfect Message!

Are you utterly obsessed with your suitor but unsure how to say yes? Do not worry; we have you covered! Create the ideal message to let them know you’re prepared to jump. Use these suggestions to create your response as informal and individual as possible. Once all, the connection is the foundation of love, and what better way to achieve that than with sincerity and simplicity?

Message to say yes to your suitor

1. Begin with a sincere compliment.

Start your message off with a sincere compliment. What do you like about your suitor? Be particular, but don’t be formal. You could say,

“I admire your sense of humor and how kind you are,” for instance. By doing this, you’re expressing your gratitude and establishing the tone for your message.

2. Bring up a shared memory.

By bringing up a shared memory, you can make your message feel more personalized. Consider a time that you both enjoyed and how it made you think. This not only gives your message more depth but also serves as a reminder to your suitor of the unique bond you have. Something like,

“Remember that time we laughed so hard at the movies? I knew then that we had something special.”

3. Become open and honest about yourself.

It’s crucial to express your emotions honestly and openly. Inform your suitor that you have considered them and are eager to see how the relationship develops. Being resilient is acceptable, but don’t go overboard. Have it informal and direct. For instance,

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, and I’m looking forward to following this journey.”

4. Say ‘Yes!’ in your own words.”

Here’s the moment of reality now! In a way that feels true to you, say “yes” to your suitor. Get it more meaningful and personal by using your voice and words. It could be as straightforward as:

“I’m thrilled to say yes to being your partner,” or “Playfully, I’d be crazy not to do so to someone as amazing as you!”

5. Keep it light and fun.

Keep in mind to keep your message is simple and enjoyable. Show your excitement and happiness because you’re saying yes to your suitor. To express your excitement for the future, use humor or lively language.

“I’m so excited to embark on this adventure with you. Together, let’s create some unforgettable memories.”

6. Lastly, ask a question.

Bring end your message with a question to maintain the conversation. This demonstrates your interest in their ideas and emotions and motivates them to express themselves.

“How would a romantic dinner sound for our first legal date?”

“What’s one thing you’re most looking forward to for the future of our relationship?”


In conclusion, it need not be difficult to say yes to your suitor. Using these straightforward suggestions lets you keep your message informal, sincere, and personal. Start by praising someone, bringing up a favorite memory, being honest about your feelings, saying “yes” in your own words, keeping it lighthearted, and concluding with an inquiry. Before you know it, you’ll have created the ideal message that encapsulates your eagerness to begin a new chapter together. Now feel free to say yes to fancy while taking a deep breath.

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