Saying Yes to Your Suitor Without Actually Saying it

Maybe deeds speak louder than words. There are many ways to convey your feelings in a more casual and subdued way if you want to say yes to your suitor without actually saying it. Without saying it aloud, use these suggestions to convince your suitor that you’re all in.

10 ways of saying yes to your suitor without actually saying it

1. Describe your excitement.

When you’re around your suitor, allow your excitement and enthusiasm to show. Laugh at their jokes, smile when they speak, and genuinely listen to what they have to say. Your body language may convey a lot, and people will likely pick up on your good vibes.

2. Make unique plans.

Arrange special dates for the two of you on your initiative. A romantic movie night at home, a picnic in the park, or an enjoyable day exploring your city can all be surprises for them. You’re demonstrating your commitment and interest in the relationship by trying to have special moments together.

3. Be encouraging

Supporting one another is a crucial component of any relationship. Support and encourage your suitor when they share your dreams, goals, or concerns. Support them as they pursue their passions, listen to them, and offer advice when necessary. This shows that you are invested in their happiness and care about their well-being.

4. Include your partner in your plans with your family and friends.

If you’re ready to say yes to your suitor, you probably want to share this person with your loved ones. Ask your suitor to visit your family and friends because doing so will show that you have hope for the future. Your suitor will know you’re serious about the relationship when they feel welcomed into your inner circle.

5. Discuss your plans for the future.

Get up your aspirations and plans casually, and include your suitor. You don’t have to plan out every detail, but letting them know you’re on the same page will be enough for them to know you would love to travel with them or see them as a part of your life.

6. Share physical intimacy.

Physical touch is a powerful way to communicate your feelings. When watching a movie, cuddle your suitor, hold their hand, or cuddle up close. These little displays of affection may convey much about your feelings and intentions.

7. Send them a heartfelt letter.

You can still express your feelings in writing, even if you don’t want to say “yes” out loud. Send a sincere letter or note expressing your gratitude, love, and excitement for the partnership. Without directly saying “yes,” this can be a meaningful way to express your feelings.

8. Make a mixtape or playlist.

A prominent way to express emotions is through music. Make a playlist or mixtape with songs that make you think of or feel something for your potential suitor. This civil action likely demonstrates to your suitor that you think of them and have strong feelings for them.

9. Surprise them with thoughtful gestures

Surprise your suitor with considerate gestures to let them know they’re on your mind. Sending them a funny meme that makes you think of an inside joke, bringing them coffee in the morning, or putting great notes on their car’s windshield are all acceptable responses. Without using words, these small deeds of kindness can convey a lot about how you feel.

10. When ready, say, “I love you.”

Saying “I love you” when you truly feel it can effectively convey your commitment, even though it’s not an outright “yes.” Just ensure it’s coming from the heart and that you’re prepared.

In conclusion, it’s all about expressing your feelings through actions and subtle cues when you say yes to your suitor without actually saying it. Implement these suggestions to show how excited you are.

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